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An Ojai Life

I am honored to be a part of this community and strive to contribute to our collective success. Below is more information about me, what I'm interested in and dedicated to, for those who wish to get to know me better.

I appreciate your time, consideration, and, I hope, your support.


Harrison Middleton University
Tempe, Arizona — Current (part time, on break)
Pursuing a Doctorate in Education


St. John’s College
Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 2003 · Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts


California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, California
June 1998 · Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Design


The Agora Foundation

Ojai, California · September 2006 to the present

Executive Director

Oak Grove School

Ojai, California · June 2010 to 2018

Director of Admissions and Outreach, 
High School Teacher

Earth Day Celebration Director

Ventura Charter School

Ventura, California · January 2005 to June 2010

Founding Board Member and Former 
Board President


Theater 150

Ojai California · June 2009 to May 2010

Theater Manager

Behavioral Science Technology, Inc. (now Dekra)

Ojai, California · February 1991 - April 2009

Marketing Manager, Communications, Design

Teenage Employment in Ojai
The Gables, Sea Fresh, Magic Carpet Cleaners, Bayless Market, Wheeler Hot Springs

Non-Profit Service

Agora Foundation

Board Member and Executive Director

Ojai Storytelling Festival

Former Board Member and Volunteer

Ojai Music Festival and BRAVO Program

Donor and Volunteer Music Teacher

Ojai Rotary Club

Former Program Chair and Rotarian of the Year

Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce

Former Board Member, Treasurer,
and Chamber Member of the Year

Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Donor, Volunteer, Advisory Board Member

Ojai Unified School District

Volunteer Music Teacher

Ventura Charter School

Former Board Member and President

Ojai Valley Defense Fund


Food for Thought


Help of Ojai


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